Sun Touch

Terms & Condition:

1. After successful purchase order, a person from company will contact you for the confirmation of the order. 2. Product will be delivered to your address by courier. 3. Delivery time will depend on your location. 4. If you receive a damage product then you can replace not return. Installation Policy: After delivery an authorized technician from company will come to your address for installation of the product by taking appointment with you with your flexible time. Please do not open the product before him. Either warranty will be exempted. Sun Touch Technology Pvt. Ltd. will provide a SIM card issued by the GSM service provider with box. After installation customer is required to complete his identification to activate the SIM card by submitting the following documents 1) Copy of photo Identity, 2) Address proof, 3) Copy of Vehicle RC book. After successful installation we provide you a user ID and password to use our app. Technician will explain you about all the feature of our app.

sun touch